Pvc Frames

Pvc frames in Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria.

The exterior windows represent a fundamental element of a building in its entirety, to which it’s the task of maintaining within itself a microclimate suitable for the needs of habitability independently from external conditions.
For this purpose, the windows must guarantee accurate characteristics, so as to meet the requirements and the performance required by the many regulations.
These requirements have imposed the industrial technology of systematically follow the aspects of quality, functionality and cost, in a continuous evolution of the window in its set.
The innovative material for excellence in the field sector, in detail for housing use, and with multiannual experience now, it is definitely PVC.
The great thermal and acoustic insulation combined with the absence of maintenance are the main advantages of this type of windows.high thermal and acoustic insulation allows a concrete savings on heating expenses and high comfort protecting us from extremely invading external noises.
Wide opportunities to customize the window according to own needs, accurate finishing, strict controls and use Oof excellent quality components: cometal pvc frames they offer unique performance.
Thanks to the high design technological content and construction and continuous control of all production processes, these windows reach excellent performance values Ttechniques and pleasant aesthetic finishes.

Since 1981 we produce and sell pvc frames all over the north Italy, in a special way in Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria.

Our Range

Pvc hinged doors

Iside Plus, pvc windows and doors produced in Italy by Cometal

Iside Plus Series

“Absolute Performance”

In addition to increasingly representing an object that must meet aesthetic needs like all the other components of our home, the window is in all respects a great investment if our needs or expectations are important. The obligation of energy certification in the purchase of housing, further justifies the attention to be paid to this choice.
The ISIDE PLUS series represents the maximum of our production for performance and cleaning of shapes. The standard equipment provides a 40mm glass consisting of three 4mm glasses and two 14mm chambers filled with Argon gas for maximum thermal performance. The internal and external glass are of the low emission type supported by an 80 mm door with 7 chambers.
As for all our production, but even more so, this window is suitable for all climatic zones, going well beyond the minimum values ​​imposed by law for the colder areas.

Venere, pvc windows and doors produced in Italy by Cometal

Venere Series

“Shape and structure”

The window must be able to satisfy important needs: integrate with our furniture and our ideas, represent an important long-lasting economic investment, able to reduce heating costs as much as possible and increase comfort at 360 ° also from the acoustic point of view ..
A design that reflects current times, with a pleasant intertwining of linear and curved shapes that make the window frame pleasant and modern. The use of the highest quality components and the choice of an excellent raw material with the guarantee of a highly computerized and constantly controlled production process, represent the choices that underlie a product designed to last over time.

Venere Plus series, pvc windows and doors produced in Italy by Cometal

Venere Plus Series

“Bigger structure, higher performance”

Plus is the main feature of this window that adds further performance to the Venere series by increasing the frame section to 80 mm with 6 internal chambers that guarantee a greater degree of thermal and acoustic insulation.
An important perimeter frame also gives the frame greater structural stability over time, as well as representing a solid base for all hardware components.

Venere Minimal Series

Venere Minimal Series

“Bright and performing”

A new system designed to create a window that allows a greater passage of light thanks to the narrow nodes. A minimalist, modern and essential aesthetic but at the same time with high acoustic and thermal performance. Ideal for renovations, where the existing windows are small and narrow and it is therefore necessary to make the environment as bright as possible. Suitable for those looking for a new window concept, with a renewed design, with little profile and as much glass as possible. Perfect for those who want a winning combination of technology and refined aesthetics.

Venere Total Color series

Venere Total Color Series

“A perfect technology and elegance combination”

Enough with the colour differences between the inner and outer side of the window. today we can provide a 4-side total coating for a high aesthetic final result.

A new coating technology for high-craft windows.

Pvc sliding doors


Scorrevole parallelo in’line

“High versatility”

Inline technology makes it possible to create a large variety of construction types from 2 to 6 mobile doors.

  • Smooth and light movement thanks to an aluminum rails and special tracks
  • Eeculiar frame shape that makes it compatible to any kind of wall
  • Chache of adding an integrated mosquito net
  • Air permeability = Class 3
  • Windproofnesse = A2
  • Minimal and elegant aesthetics
sliding pvc window section

Sliding rising hst vision

“Safe and reliable throughout time”

Thanks to its air and water tightness high performance, it stays safe and reliable throughout time.

  • Perfect for big windows and wide surfaces. it guarantees brightness to the living space.
  • Easy opening system thanks to its handle. easy to operate even in high-weight circumstances
  • Great structural strength given by the armoured door
  • Air permeability = Class 4
  • Water-tightness = Class 5A
  • Windproofness = B2
sliding pvc window section

Sliding flip and slide

“Minimal and modern design”

It also allows exceptional thermal performance.

  • Maximum rail load: 160kg per door
  • 2 or 3 seals available
  • Air permeability = Class 4
  • Water-tightness = Up to E1500
  • Windproofness = Up to C5
sliding section flips and scrolls